Monday, November 26, 2012

Olandrey Decor Studio

Olandrey Décor Studio
Olandrey Décor Studio is a new small business that Akutagawa International came across during Small Business Saturday. Everyone including Akutagawa International can use a great events planner. What seems to be unique is the small business style of this firm. They are able to do close work with clients and bring those event visions to light.
It is also false that event planning is only for weddings and birthdays. A lot of corporate companies are starting to employ even planners for meets and business launches.
What Akutagawa International likes about Olandrey Décor Studio, besides being a wonderful small business it offers more than one service (Décor/Event Planning ) and it is also run by a woman.

Woman around the world are starting to pop up as business professionals and this is a great thing. Akutagawa International is a supporter of Woman Owned and Operated Business.

Olandrey Décor Studio
Springfield Gardens, Queens NY
(347) 637-8084

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