Sunday, December 2, 2012

Electronics! Tell us what Products are your Favorite and Why

So we received a lot of feed back on our short article on Computers and Electronics. It is no surprise that this subject is of interest to many people. It doesn't matter if it is personal or professional, the bottom line is technology runs the world.

There are many companies around the world that produce these products. Some of the more popular names are Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG. There are so many products to choose from and sometimes individuals aren't sure which product is best for them.

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. How much can you spend? Once you answer this question then you can narrow down what products are feasible and what's off limits. The second question is, What are you using the product for? It is for personal use? Business use? Depending on what you will do with this new product is just as important. If you will be conducting business, sending emails, media etc, you need a device that can handle that load; however if it is personal you may only need something simple. Something that allows you to text, takes pictures, and navigate social media sites.

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The Blackberry isn't as popular anymore. Since the launch of Apples iPhone blackberries have become almost extinct. Although not as popular anymore there are still many businesses and corporations that use them such as executive firms and hospitals. A blackberry still comes in handy. Sometimes it is a matter of comfort as well.

Akutagawa Internationals Director of Consulting uses an Iphone for business and personal matters, but the Chairwoman (Founder/CEO) uses a blackberry. Akutagawa International's Director of Business uses a very basic phone but operates well with his laptop, while the Director of Sales and Production uses a Galaxy. All of these products get the job done and it is more a matter of what the individuals are comfortable with.


Electronic companies tend to come up with something new quite often. Akutagawa International feels that this is important because like our firm, you want to offer your clients options. When it takes too long for a company to produce another product their competitors are producing several which will put them in the sales lead in the future. Inventing one AWESOME product one year and another a year and a half later is ok when you are a big name company. However when other well known companies produce 5 within the time you are wanting to launch your newest product your sales may drop.

Some names are just so big everyone around the world will know them but even with that popularity you have to keep you customers wanting more. You also need to produce excellent products in all price ranges. Not everyone can afford a $600 product but these customers need options to. Being able to cater to all customers will help that company be profitable in during a recession.

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