Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Businesses Making Money

Many start-up businesses want to know how they can make more money and get noticed. Believe it or not sometimes the simple way is best. Of course you will have to spend a little time and maybe a little money getting everything going, but sometimes the questions that present have very simple answers. Vist to find out how you can help you save money with some of these services.

Akutagawa International helps start-up buisnesses find out what works for them. We came across this youtube video that explains it best and the best part about it? It's SIMPLE!

This video explains some of these simple steps and also helps businesses understand some of the basic questions and answers that arise in the business world. Some of the major points include:

Building a client list! How To Get Clients!
Call and ask them!

What products or services do you provide?
 Single or Multiple Services or Products?

Just like your computer basics
Give your clients options!

Create Package Deals!
When your clients are using more than one service


Clients love to hear these 4 words!

Be sure to include discounts and sales for your new clients and also special promotions for your existing clients. You are providing the best service and products you have to offer and you are still showing them that their business is appreciated. This will help in creating loyalty which is very important.

Akutagawa International is running a special promotion for all NEW clients in the U.S. and Overseas. Visit us at and find out how you can save and receive FREE business services!

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