Sunday, January 27, 2013

Business is Pregnant and ready to give birth! Who's going to watch the first episode?

Business will be giving birth in 2013 to a litter of new products and services. There are many companies coming up with fantastic things this year. Just like cute little puppies and kittens businesses will produce things that consumers will just have to hold and cuddle.

The same goes for businesses and exposure. 2013 is the time to be creative in targeting your markets. There are many routes that businesses haven't traveled yet. On is the popular response from videos. Toyota got it right with their Camry Campaign staring Lee Min Ho. This is a mini drama series that is put together like your typical soap opera; however it is telling consumers how the Camry can help in somewhat difficult situations. For example, Lee Min Ho is suffering from amnesia and doesn't know who he is. The doctor brings him to his car, where he sees different apps on the dashboard and he hits Pandora. Music starts playing and he gradually begins to remember who he is. This mini episode suggests that all other efforts were exhausted and it was the feature of the Toyota Camry that helped the patient. I must say it was quite interesting.

Another episode showed a high speed chase. Lee Min Ho's character stops for gas and is captured in the bathroom. The people after him (His evil twin) claim that they couldn't keep up because he was in a Toyota Camry. So as you can see the features of the car are put into each episode. The story line is interesting to keep the attention of the viewers along with potential customers.

I mention this in particular because I wonder how it would be if more businesses and brands used this method? If you wanted to know more about the true features of an iPhone you could just watch a mini series that will entertain you as well as give you valuable information about the product you may consider buying. Seeing how others use it in every day situations or how the features can assist your daily activity. This is an interesting new twist to marketing and advertising.

If we consider the many different products and services out there we can say there would be a lot of mini dramas. People around the world are interested in different things and businesses along with marketing and advertising agencies can use this to their advantage. Here is a thought, your company sells  electronics. Anything from smartphones to tablets. You decide that a lot of the features you have on these devices would help a lot of medical professionals when diagnosing and treating patients. You develop a small mini medical drama using the gadgets your company produces and show how these devices can help medical personell during work hours. It could be like Grey's Anatomy meets Samsung.  Some may think this is a stupid idea but you will be amazed at how many clients and consumers like visual things. How many consumers watch television or movies? Online programs? Quite a few actually! How many people enjoy a great cop or law show such as Law and Order? CSI? A mini series about Law officials and their daily activities combined with a product watchers can possibly use? Businesses and brands stand to benefit from this. What's even better is it doesn't cost that much. Simple video is fine as long as it is edited properly and the video is of decent quality. You do not need to hire Michael Bay for your mini series unless you can afford him then go for it. 

Basic software can be used to produce video advertising and it can then be linked to a companies website, social networks, and sites such as Youtube. We must face it, Youtube is used by everyone from kids looking up music to professionals searching how to videos. Everyone is on it so this means you are targeting anyone who may have an interest in your product anywhere around the world. You will use genres to target your market. Develop a good horror mini series that shows how the advanced features on an android can help someone in a somewhat challenging position. There are many potential customers for androids that love horror. Again, this doesn't have to be costly. Anyone with a webcam or video camera can do it. The next question businesses may have is " I know nothing about video or editing!" Believe it or not this isn't a big problem at all. Any business professional with children will tell you that your 14 year old can produce a pretty good mini movie with basic equipment. What will be the true challenge is the script.

Using video and short mini clips to advertise and market your business or brand will take time but most of that time is creating a mini script that will advertise specifically what you want your customers to know in each episode. To give you an idea if your product is a smartphone each mini episode can focus on one feature. This gets your audience interested and wanting to know more. They are more likely to come back for episode two to find out what the next feature will be. Potential customers will also want to see how the storyline plays out. 

This sort of marketing can work for any product and service so the creativity of companies can soar. 

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