Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye Catcher! The New Commercial Real-Estate in 2013

What's attractive to your eye?

Business in 2013 is very similar to our personal lives. If we like what we see we tend to want to know more. The same goes with service and products. If we like something we buy it or find a way to buy it if possible. It is the same for technology, real-estate, and anything else that can be sold to a consumer or customer.

There was an interesting article on the New York Times website about commercial real-estate and the new techniques that they are using to get clients. The article was authored by C.J. Hughes and it brought up a few great points. One of these points was the turn in marketing efforts. Brokers are using more detailed websites to promote property. From a business perspective we can understand why this change is effective. When the human eye sees something that catches our attention we will research it a little more. If the owners of a company are looking for a place to call home and their broker shows them a few options that are plain they may buy it or they may not, but Hughes makes a great point. If the same individuals see spectacular photos of locations, and animated websites that give virtual tours and so forth, they will then ask the question "Why didn't you show me this?"

The real-estate world can be a little low key. This means that brokers tend to stay in a small community. Some agencies and real-estate companies do not have a website or online presence. In 2013 the web is the place to be. Hughes addresses this issue as well. Some feel a building that is at a well known address doesn't need much marketing efforts because the address and location can market all on it's own. What happens when you employ these new techniques?

 Can brokers and real-estate agents stand to make a lot more then what they do? Can they acquire more clients than usual just by reconstructing their websites or enhancing marketing tools? The answer to these questions are all yes.

Dynamic marketing efforts can be used and also stay low cost. Akutagawa International offers great low cost solutions for agencies looking for eye catching websites and marketing efforts. also assists businesses like real-estate agencies in targeting the right audience that way all of the people who are possibly interested stay notified. We can help you become an eye catcher.

Visit the New York Times website to read the full article " New York’s Office Builders Raise Their Online Voices" by C.J. Hughes

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  1. Eye Catcher! The New Commercial Real-Estate in 2013. What's attractive to your eye? Business in 2013 is very similar to our personal lives.learn more