Monday, January 14, 2013

Externships! How International Business Students Earn Experience

The phrase holds true in business as well. You can have the best man heading up your marketing department and  a world class woman in charge of your advertising; however if they can't work together at the end of the day where does that leave your company? And a company is only as good as the men and women who run it.

Akutagawa International knows that some of the best individuals out there are the ones who aren't even known yet. What do we mean by this? It is very simple, The Students! Some may even ask how are students any help when they do not have formal degrees yet? The answer to this question is even easier. Eager Minds!

This brings us to the externship thought. What is an externship? What is an extern?  Externships are experimental learning opportunities, very similar to internships, general offered to students in a specific major to give them short practical experience in their field of study. Not all companies offer internships or externships; however externships are becoming more popular. A lot of companies can not afford to pay interns because of budget cuts and externs do the same type of work and hold the same responsibility as interns but do not get paid for it.

This may make you now ask the question, Why would anyone work for free? It is not about the pay for these students. It is about  putting what they learned in the classroom to use. Anyone can recite theory but if you are unable to apply that theory in real world situations where does that leave you? welcomes Externs

Externs come from all over the world. Since a lot of business can be done via internet sometimes there is no need for externs to leave their own country and also get great opportunities along the way. Akutagawa International has been playing around with this idea recently. A fellow affiliate in the investment industry asked what made us give this more thought? Our Director of Business Services told him it is utilizing all opportunities. Some of the best ideas come from new minds. Students want to be their best and learn as much as they can. As an extern for Akutagawa International they get to put those ideas to the test. They stand a chance of heading up and leading  their own project,  and networking with other companies around the world. This means they get recommendations from Akutagawa International and also the companies affiliated with us.

Akutagawa International Externs get to create projects within their major of study, construct the projects in their native language, work with specialist to better their english, run the campaigns worldwide and within their country of origin. This is a great chance for the fresh mind to become engaged with the business world. Akutagawa International team members will assist throughout the process.

How does this benefit a company? The benefit is to both company and student. The student gets all of the benefits listed above and the company gets to engage with new fresh minds and ideas. Sometimes the best ideas come from the youngsters just learning the materials. They are also eager to try these new methods out. 

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Externships usually run a shorter amount of time then internships, however, Akutagawa International will allow any externs that prove exceptional work ethics continued externships. Akutagawa International provides business services in Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Investing, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Web Design, Portfolio Management, Finances, Electronics Repair, Service, Program and Install, Business Start-up Plans and more. Our externs will come from College and university majors in fields such as Accounting, Advertising, General Business, Management, International Business, Marketing, Business Administration, Real-Estate, Economics, Computer Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Communication Technologies, Foreign Languages and more.  All of these majors stand to learn a lot from working with an international business firm.

Visit for a list of what our company does and how an externship may be right for you. Akutagawa International will consider externs from anywhere around the world but are currently looking to provide externships for students in U.S.A, Japan, and South Korea.

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