Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Changing Health Care Around The World

When we think of medicine we think of doctors and nurses healing patients. There are facilities all over the world that provide these services; however many countries do not operate the same way. Some may see this as a good thing since cultures are different but how are patients affected?

Countries such as China have many healthcare facilities but could benefit from several medical management styles. Dr. Mario Pacada President/CEO of JDP Health Systems has seen this first hand. He wants to take the knowledge and expertise he has gained over the years and offer it to the people of china. When visiting the country he said " I just know I can help!"

 Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine are different; however they have coexisted for many years. Dr. Pacada's plan is to utilize western medical management and implement it into the Chinese Health Care System. This will also allow facilities in china to offer the highest quality health care they can to their patients.

Visit http://www.jdphealthsystems.com/ to learn more about Dr. Pacada and his organization. JDP Health Systems, changing health care to benefit patients around the world.

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