Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recycle Electronics!

It is not shocking that electronics are as popular as they are. There are many companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba producing many product options to choose from. had an article out called " 24 Electronic Products Per Household--Got Recycling?" that addressed a few great points.

The Consumer Electronics Association says that Americans have approximately 24 electronic items within their home. This is made up of laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and every other electronic device you can think of in a home. After the holidays even more devices come into the house. Where are the old ones going? There is an estimated 2.4 million tons of e-waist, this includes computers and mobile devices.

Akutagawa International's electronics sub-division Akutagawa Electronics looks to make those numbers decrease. There are many electronic service stores around the world but what is the true benefit of this? 3 of our Technology Specialist explained how they can service and repair all types of electronics. How does this service help if people want new items? Everyone can benefit from this. Instead of throwing your items away bring them to a service shop that may want to buy these items for from you to assist with the replacement of parts in others. They may also want to sell them after they repair them to a market that can not afford the more expensive items on the store shelves today.

Repairing and servicing electronics is a highly profitable business. You are able to fix something that your customers need or a business can service and sell devices that consumers want. It can assist with decreasing the e-waist and keeping customers satisfied.

Visit and view Akutagawa Electronics to find out how we can assist you with you electronic issues.

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