Monday, February 4, 2013

Gross Marketing or Pure Genius?

There were some great commercials during the Super Bowl last night. Everyone has different opinions of which were better. A gave a few of my executives a small task during the Super Bowl. Enjoy what you do ( watching football) and pick your favorite commercial. My Chief Technology Officer Anthony Ling-Hawthorne asked why they were doing this. I told him because I am curious of their picks. Why did certain commercials grab their attention? How do they think consumers will respond to their brands after a specific commercial? A commercial is an advertisement. It is part of a marketing strategy. Every business needs advertising, and every business can not survive without marketing. I want to see what others are doing.

As the CEO and Chairwoman of Akutagawa International I take pride in my company and the services we offer; however I do have my own personal Brand favorites. People use different products for different things. I run a company that offers several of the same services as many others but I do wash my own clothes because that is my choice, and I prefer to use Tide. I prefer a blackberry but my Director of Consulting prefers his iPhone. The Director of Sales will only use a Toshiba laptop while my Director of Research & Analytics uses Samsung. At the end of every day we are all human and all enjoy products and services from the brands we prefer.

There were many article out when I turned on my laptop referring to the different commercials of last nights Big Game. I came across one because my Director of Consulting Mark Kedjora picked it as one of his favorite while Todd Behrendt of FOX Sports said it was one of his least favorites saying " The look on Bar Refaeli's face after kissing nerd/character actor Jesse Heiman in this commercial pretty much sums up how everyone else probably felt after watching it". I can understand both opinions here. Lets break the commercial down a little.

You have a very attractive woman. That alone will get any mans attention. Then you have a very nerdy looking man. Go Daddy is playing with the idea of beauty and brains. This is something everyone prefers. How often do individuals say they are looking for someone smart and beautiful. A lot of times you get one without the other, which shouldn't matter but lets be honest. It Does! Go Daddy is saying that when you use them you get both.

Now the kiss! I will admit it wasn't something I would generally watch for fun. Some people felt it was a little too much. Maybe it was but when you think about many are still talking about it just because of that alone. Word of mouth is powerful. When a consumer likes something a lot they will talk about it for a long time. It works for the other side as well. When we don't like something we talk about it just as much. People are now saying "That kiss was just gross", but it is marketing. As businesses we want people to remember us. Some may also think why would a business want to be known for something gross? That isn't the case. Whether we like something or not we will become curious as humans and want to know more about it. The finished this commercial with " When sexy meets Smart you small business scores". My Director of Consulting thought this was brilliant and frankly so do I. We want consumers talking and Go Daddy will sure have that.

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